stitchwitch_d (stitchwitch_d) wrote,

More Mother's Day

My Mom's cousin Diane wrote me a long message. Her beliefs seem pretty similar to mine, she's been to Unity services, is friends with a Unity minister- and my Mom talked to her daughter about Jehovah's Witnesses, and that clicked for her, she studied, and got baptized, and Diane wasn't thrilled at first, but she said " I see how happy she is, how she has grown from a scared, broken little girl  to a confident beautiful woman, walking her own spiritual path. For that I am grateful." and that is exactly what I needed to hear from my Mom, coming from her cousin who is in pretty much the same situation, just  details reversed- and on Mother's Day, which is sort of the anniversary of my Mom's death.

I don't remember ever meeting Diane, she lived so far away, I just remember my Mom talking about her, and I'm not sure what made me start thinking about her earlier today, or make the effort to find her on facebook- but I am feeling like my Mom wanted me to get that message, to know that she's grateful that I've found my own spiritual path and that I'm happy, that she's not mad at me for not following in her footsteps exactly, that the important thing isn't which path you take but that it feels right for you. I feel like I have her blessing.
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