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Trying to make things better

I contacted Jessica Kaim Strickland, in hopes of reaching a compromise for a more open adoption. No luck, it's up to her discretion, which means she has the power, and is free to abuse it. I just want to have some contact with my kids, to be able to send them birthday and Christmas presents and know they actually get them. Maybe someday if they want to and all goes well for them to be able to come up to Minnesota for a week in the summer, much like I used to spend a week in the summer at my aunt's campground up north.

I wouldn't want to cut them off from their father's side of the family, because I'm not a horrible person. I wouldn't even tell them what horrible people their paternal relatives are, although I'll be very understanding and listen to them rant about the horrible people who used them as pawns, as trophies, as things without minds and feelings of their own.

I'm amused that this blog came up at the top of a Google search for Jessica Kaim Strickland. Maybe if she was nice to me, I'd set some entries to private. Since that's not likely to happen, I'm going to mention Jessica Kaim Strickland again. Also Jeremy Strickland, aka Vlad Kaim and Breanna or Lucy Strickland, previously Lucretia Charae Kaim. If anyone sees this who knows then, this blog contains the whole story, and I would love to hear from anyone who knows them.